Investment Accounts


Let FSCU be your resource for all of your IRA needs. An IRA is a special type of savings plan that is designed for your retirement. They are secure, easy to set up, and are still one of the smartest retirement investments available. These types of investments will prepare our member for their future and help them manage their wealth for the long term. FSCU offers different ways to help you establish and manage a healthy retirement program with Traditional and Roth IRA’s, which is important for everyone! It’s never too soon to start saving for the future.  

FSCU offers the following type of IRA investments:

  • IRA Certificates: 1 and 2 year CD’s

Share Certificates

An FSCU Share Certificate is the smart solution to your investment needs. Share Certificates are commonly referred to as a CD or Certificate of Deposit. You are guaranteed an exact return on your investment for a specified term as a result of a fixed dividend rate. You can choose from 6 month to 36 month term Share Certificates.

We invite you to check out our current rates.

  • The minimum deposit is $1,000. Interest earned is compounded quarterly.

  • 3 months for our CU Succeed Teen Club members, only. Minimum deposit is $100.