Club Accounts

Christmas Club

FSCU offers a Christmas Club account for our members. Just think how stress-free the holiday shopping season would be knowing you had an FSCU Christmas Club account, you can save as much as you want each pay period. It's a fun and easy way to save for the holidays.

Baby Kirby Roo

The Lil’ Kirby Roo savings account is for your newborn through age 3. It’s never too soon to begin saving for their future.   

And here’s a link to download the Kirby Catch & Save Game!

Kirby Kangaroo

The Kirby Kangaroo Club account is designed for youth, ages 4 to 12 years old, to promote savings. With every $5 deposit made by the child into this account Kirby Kangaroo coupons are earned and can be traded for all kinds of cool stuff. (You must be a member or join the FSCU prior to becoming a member of the club).
There is an interactive web site for Kirby Kangaroo members, who will also receive a newsletter published just for them. It will arrive quarterly and contains even more fun articles and activities. 

And here's the link to download the Kirby's Catch & Save app:  

CU Succeed Teen Club

CU Succeed is a great teen savings and financial education program. It's all about learning how to manage money and finances. Signing up for CU Succeed will ensure you get practical advice on financial topics that really matter. Everything's covered - from balancing a checkbook to funding a college education.

The accounts and services are designed especially for you by peers within your age group; young adults 13-18 years old. Here's a list of accounts/services available under FSCU's CU Succeed Teen Club program:

  • CU Succeed Teen Savings Account

    • With this savings account, has no minimum deposit and no monthly service charge.

  • CU Succeed Teen Checking Account

    • No minimum deposit; no monthly service charge; one box of checks (if needed) and eStatement delivery.

  • CU Succeed Teen Share Certificate

    • This is a 3 month certificate with a low minimum opening deposit of $100

    • This allows you to add money back into the investment more often.

  • CU Succeed Teen Scholarship

    • Each year the credit union accepts applications for our $500.00 (one-time) scholarship. 

  • CU Succeed Teen Web Site

  • On-line Access

  • VISA Debit Card

Remember, you must first be a member of FSCU before becoming a member of the CU Succeed Teen Club.